Hai. As My Fairly New Name Says, I'm Digital_Swirl. And I'm So Sorry That Fate Led You To My Shitty Wattpad Account. With That Out Of The Way.... I Have No Idea How I'm Going To Segway Into My Next Idea....

Well I Can Start Off With Saying That I've Only Been On Wattpad Forrrrr A Year? Wow. I've Spent A Year Being A Rly Bad Book Writer And Not Having A Description Of Myself. At least I Admitted It.

To Be Honest I Have To Thank Wattpad. Not Only Has It Made Me Achieve Being A Terrible Writer, It's Helped Me In My Organization At School And At Home. If I Didn't Start Wattpad Then I Wouldn't Have Opened Up To Reading All Together. All Of My Terrible Ideas Would Still Be Trapped In My Mind, Begging To Be Published.

Now I Know What Your Thinking.

'Oh Sal! You jaut got rid of a book! Even though it was cringy I wanted to read it! And the other two books you have are Shit!'

Now What I Have To Say To That Is... FLUFF OFF MAN

Its Not Like I Don't Have Shit To Deal With Aswell. Im Sure people Have Lives Worse Then Mine But C'mon Chill.

So Yes. I Did Just Delete A Book Because Of It Being Cringier Then Me. So I'm Re-writing The Beginning And Giving It A Different Plot.

By The Time I Look Back At This The Three Books Will Probably Be Out With Like 5 Reads Or Something....

WELP That Was Me Write About Me And My Cringy Life. You Probably Don't Care Whatsoever About Any Of This And Are Just Reading This Because You Want The Book Back.

Or Your Just Not Reading This At All... And To Those Who Are. I'm Sorry. Go Find Some Other Good Book Writers.

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