(My 13 Reason's why.)
*SC (chill_nation18)
*IG (Kid.Casket13)
*Ima on that LoverBoi shit till they put me under GothBoiClique all the way!
*I make music it's more of sad depressing hip-hop.
* My hair used to be shaggy and pink now its back to blond.
*I love to rock long-sleeved stripped shirts with thrasher all over it.
*I have been through a ton a dark things so I am a product of my past.
*I am very open to talk.
*I am very open-minded and there is probably not to many things you have done that I haven't.
*Have you overdosed 4 times and been declared dead... I have.
*Have you been told your worthless and you should be dead by your own family I have...
*Have you ever been in a hospital and not aloud out because they think your mind is insane just because you self harm... I have.
*Look its not a pity party it's rather a learning experience and acknowledging the things you have been through so you can help other's. I love you all

The difference between you and me is....
~ your normal is my abnormal
~your ugly is my beautiful
~your hate is my love
~your grief is my joy
~your best is my worst
~your found is my lost
~your happy is my depression
~your scary is my funny
~your Optimism is my pessimism
~your success is my fail
~your want for the better is my want for the better
See we are all as separate as the fingers yet one as the hand and as we all strive for the better. Each day we all make a impact on everyone and everything. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"-Isaac Newton.
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