Hi! I'm Danny. I'm fourteen years old and I live in Amity Park. It's kinda near Wisconsin... Oh well, it's kind of hard to explain.

My favourite band is Dumpty Humpty and my favourite color is probably blue... Or red. :)

My parents, the Fentons, are pretty insane and they're Ghost Hunters. My town is constantly overrun by ghosts, in case you didn't know that already... but trust me when I say I'm not as crazy as my parents! I'm pretty nor- well, at least, as normal as I can be being their son...

I also have a sister who is two years older than I am, and she's really smart. Also a budding brain surgeon and psychologist.

HA! I spelt it right! In your face, Sam!

Uh... Yeah. Anyway...

I'm not the smartest person you will ever meet and I'm not the dumbest. At Casper High I'm just part of the geek clique. I have two best friends in the entire universe: Tucker and Sam (call her Samantha and die).

Oh yeah! I can't believe I forgot this: Amity Park has this superhero... He calls himself Danny Phantom. Pretty cool how we have the same name, huh? *Laughs nervously*
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