I'm glad I found this site (don't know how I missed it so long). I read all sorts of things, so I am looking forward to diving into MANY of these stories...

I also write. I recently had my second novel published, but most of my many years of writing have been in the non-fiction world. I have written a couple thousand (at least!) articles and features for newspapers, travel magazines, newsletters and even several comic books and a graphic novel.

FantasyReaders.com is a Website I set up in 2002: http://www.FantasyReaders.com
FantasyReaders On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/fantasyREADERScom/178311325576954

Everything on the site is free: fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories, and even illustrated and interactive game books!

An excerpt of my latest (fantasy) novel can be read on Amazon, here:
(Available on iTunes and other Online retailers as well, of course!)

Recently Published Short Fiction (paperback):
Three short stories published in Zharmae's Ends Of Man contest as 2012 contest winners (entered three - was happily surprised they all were picked). There are quite a few very interesting stories in that one from writers all over the world ... check it out.

(From Ends Of Man Anthology):

Daniel F. De Bono is a professional writer with more than twenty years experience and literally hundreds of publishing credits, both fiction and non-fiction. A versatile and eloquently imaginative writer, he has also published fiction under the name Gareth Blackmore. Born and educated in Michigan, he now resides in Florida with his wife, Melissa, and son, Zachary.
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I'd really like to get more comments on this one (thinking about continuing it):  Factual Illusions (Graphic Novel Version)
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Description: The goblin horde has arrived! Djar’s parents have been murdered, his city is occupied and things look worse every day. But there is one small hope: If only he can reach the sorceress Dymorla. The only trouble...

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