Unfortunately I was made aware that dozens of my books have been pirated and posted here and my Family Blood Ties series pirated and posted elsewhere! So I have made the difficult decision to pull all my books and am in the process of fighting to get the pirated copies removed from here and elsewhere. I've been a supporter of Wattpad for years, freely leaving my books to be read and reread but it's devastating to see the abuses. :(  The Family Blood Tie series is available for sale in both print and ebook format and in bundles for better pricing. I'm sorry... as I know that's not what anyone wants to hear but ... it's what I need to do. All vendors - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play carry my books and soon my website will too.


@DaleMayer I really hope we'll be able to read it on wattpad again! Loved the Family Blood Ties Series! My fave actually!♡


@DaleMayer woooow I've been with u from the beginning I was just planning on rereading the series cause it's one of my favorites I didn't even knw all this unfortunate disaster was happening im so so sorry @DaleMayer smh thsts like having someone steal ur baby. I knw I'm late but I hope u were able to sort out all ur copyright issues and everything is as it shud b


I'm going to miss Tuesday's child. It's the best book ever but I understand your decision. Thank you for the book. 


Oof Im honestly so sad rn I never got to finish the series and I just finally get the time to read the last two books and I come back and ITS ALL GOOONNNEEEE!!!  Im so sorry you had to go though all that you have been and I really really hope yiu get your books back and just ugh the issues of being poor and not being able to get them now ima just go away and cry in a corner now 


they’ve been gone for a long time now. people were copywriting her books and so she took them down. now if you want to read then you have to pay. it’s honestly sad because i was waiting for the updates on her last book but then they all disappeared and that’s what happened


@BrattyBabyKitten what happened ? Same thing happened to me when I came back