@wordwan Thanks! Yes, this is my book cover.  


Hi, DArenson!
          I just wanted to say that you have an amazing talent. I couldn't stop reading Moth, and will read the rest of your works soon! I'm absolutely in love with every aspect of your writing skills and consider Moth one my favorites now. I'll be making some fanart in the future. It's so deep and astonishing. Beyond stunning. Keep making amazing works! And writing amazing books. Readers need more authors like you... 


Awesome story... and I'm really envy you..lol
          Pls im getting desperate, support my story the understand my messy plot.. thanks in advance 


I'm an English-Arabic translator, contact me if you're interested in promoting your work among Arab readers, all I ask in return is copyrights to add the work to my portfolio.


Looks like we both have a passion for writing about werewolves! I’m so excited to read your book! Please read mine also.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry I meant writing about fantasy!


I am at chapter 27 of Blood of Requiem and I just started today! The story is so engaging and well -crafted! I am absolutely in love. I am grateful for finding such a work of art :))


Quick question, is The Dragon War or Blood of Requium first. I dont want to read one then find out I spoiled the other by y reading ahead in the timeline.


@Magnum-Opus Blood of Reqiuem :)


Hey can u read my terrible fantasy short story its part of a bigger series. Ur amazing and it would be an honor for u to read my story thanks