Hey everyone! One of the most amazing people I've had the honour of meeting has started a review book! Check out their page @GoldenPen_ they are currently open to review requests! 


Is wattpad acting weird for anyone else right now? I'm trying to post another round of winners and... I don't know. Profile links won't open, I couldn't even get my profile page to load. I don't know if it's just me but it's been happening all morning. I was hoping to have more winners posted y now.


@creativechaos my best friend can’t even use Wattpad any more, and it started with this glitch several months ago. The app still ‘works’ it just doesn’t work.


I haven’t noticed any problems...yet. 


@CreativeChaos same problem. Even my profile page isn't loading.


Hello lovelies! I'll be away from my laptop until Monday, since I'll be babysitting until tomorrow, and then I have meetings Sunday, as well as Family events. If anyone has any questions/concerns, or requires my assistance with anything, please send a message to my main account! I'll have my phone with me so I'll keep that account open. Have a great weekend everyone!!


Hey lovelies! I'm planning to start the next awards hopefully today, I have everything prepared. Would anyone be willing to create a cover for it? Please let me know, I'll give you the details! <3


I’m happy to try doing a cover for it and you can decide if you like it :D Maybe look at my graphics portfolio to see if you like my stuff and I also did my own covers for Guys Like Him 


Yay a new one! Hopefully I'll be able to fully participate this time


@WyPark02 Glad to hear it, look forward to seeing your entry! <3


Final Round Of winners!! 
          Fantasy Winners: 
          First: Silver As Glace by: @GrandArkirah
          Second: Flying by: @CarolineDonica 
          Third: Medrith; The Origin Of House Wollstone by: @BrookeDayDreams12
          Honourable Mention: The Bridge's Gale : Wings by: @MichelleManisha 
          Honourable Mention: Crown Of Roses: by: @Oceane_Breeze 
          Honourable Mention: Eclipse of the Worlds by: @Linneae_Liam
          Adventure Winners: 
          First: Hands Of Lilith by: @JamarStRogers 
          Second: The Dragon's Last Hope by: @pigsvsrabbits 
          Third: The Fate's Chosen by: @authorcat14
          Honourable Mentions: Element Animals by: @silverstorm1053
          Honourable Mention: Elves Of Øthorion: Return Of The Giants by: @ChosenOmar 
          Paranormal Winners: 
          First: The Legetor's Vengeance by: 
          Second: After The End by: @NDeMeer 
          Third: Chasing Starlight by: @samkately 
          Honourable Mention: Angel Of Death by: @fluffycat0607  
          FanFiction Winners: 
          First: All I See by: @Havingfun_ISKEY
          Second: Mixtape For The End of the World @epichorn31
          Third: In the Interlude by: @FMM2310 
          Honourable Mentions: You Lied by: @Pleaselovemetae 
          Congratulations Lovelies!


@CreativeChaos Well done everyone! Congrats @samkately! I knew you'd do it! So proud of you, babe!


@CreativeChaos Yes, I saw that last week and left a little comment <3 Thank you again for organising this awards.


Winners Post Part 2! 
          Action Winners: 
          First: Mist Of Doom by: @TheBiologist13
          Second: The Guardians by: @SydPanda5 
          Third: The Betrayal by: @Rosie_80  
          Honourable Mention: Caught By Him by: @Reign_lulubel07
          Honourable Mention: Her Only Chance by: @TaylorLeFay
          Humour Winners: 
          First: How To Kill A Vampire: @MichelleManisha 
          Second: Love Can Be Arranged by: @mas384 
          Third: The Far-a-way Girl by: @samkately
          Honourable Mention: Birthday Princess by: @hottiesoftie 
          Short Story Winners: 
          First: Fallen Angel by: @HayBay-
          Second: Heartless by: @Umeike
          Third: Coco' s Random Free Writes by: @CocoS_14 
          Honourable Mention: Fate: The Choice That Led to Tragedy by: @booklover311921
          Honourable Mention: Mistletoe and Eggnog  by: @stressed-to-impress 
          General Fiction: 
          First: Black Island by: @Saskatchewan7
          Second: Ruthanne Georgeson High by: @Distinctive
          Second: Reaper's Lullaby by: @VeilofPetals 
          Third: Fly High by: @Iori_kei
          Honourable Mention: Unheard by: @ZebaAlmas 
          First: Peach by: @LillyMHenderson 
          Second: I Crave You by: @dogloverishere 
          Third: Prints and Pieces by: @Neghast 
          Poetry Winners: 
          First: Paper Doll by: @chocolettie
          Second: Lachrymose by: @let_alpha_write
          Third: Serenity by: ZebaAlmas 
          Honourable Mentions: The Linked Thoughts by: @stucknreverse
          Honourable Mentions: The Rhythm Of Her Piano by: 
          My Creativity Corner by: @maansi_srivastava


@CreativeChaos thank you :-)


Thank you!


Thank you! :)


Congratulations to the following list of winners! Sorry this took awhile to be announced! <3 
          First: Woeful Requiem by: @JMills_
          Second: The Brother's Curse by: @ChrissyMReau81
          Third: They Called Me Seer by: @SonoTheElephant22
          Honourable Mention: Virus by: @Tumike-John 
          Teen Fiction Winners
          First: Mirror Me by: @Jules_Haigler
          Second: Popular by: @toasterwaffles20
          Third: Logan & Elizabeth by: @brunette-bombshell 
          Random Winners: 
          First: Dear Boo by: @BooskiBabii
          Second: Rise Up Again by: @strawberrytrifles
          Third: Mended Words by: @youngWwriter
          Honourable Mention: Creative Minds Never Rests by: @xshadesoflife
          Honourable Mention: Quote Me by: @olufunlola_
          Historical Fiction Winners: 
          First: A Most Royal Affair by: @Amphia234
          Second: The Golden Girl by: @StephRose1201 
          Third: Skin by: @kinahloves 
          Non-Fiction Winners:
          First: Schizophrenia by: @The_Typist
          Science Fiction Winners: 
          First: Power On by: @amaricooke 
          Second: Mind The Gap by: @JenniferJonnes 
          Third: OF SOLAR AND DARK by: @crystaIIise 
          Honourable Mention: The 10th Circle - Abyss by: @taivaan_sininen
          Honourable Mention: Saurian Chronicles by: @SpinyKyverna
          Honourable Mention: Traveling Salesman: Astronomgonist by: @Amaboo
          Werewolf Winners: 
          First: Lost and Found: Star - Crossed by: @ChristineRose209
          Second: The Huntress and the beast by: @lipsa2000 
          Third: Alpha Blooded by: @JorynDove 
          Graphic Design Winners: 
          First: Cover Cafe by: @l3sbianaf
          Second: Book Cover Outlet by: @crazynovelist04
          Third: Graphics by: @ZebaAlmas 
          Mystery / Thriller Winners: 
          First: Lola by: @1nkSlayer 
          Second: Black Angel by: @luckydonivan
          Third:  Things Not Subject To Gravity by: @MichaelShivaSurya
          Vampire Winners: 
          First: The Blood of Legends: The Huntress by: @Sevannah_Storm
          Second: Vampire Greek: The Burning King by: @D_Terrell
          Third: The Last One by: @tiromehn


@CreativeChaos Thank you so much and congratulations on the amazing contest!!


@CreativeChaos thank you and well done!!! 


@CreativeChaos thank you ❤