I live in a flat place filled with cactus. People pay me to write clever ad copy that sells beautiful things. I spend too much time worldbuilding on my sword & and planet fantasy novels, and making theatrical props and artifacts from cultures that never existed.
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Stories by M. Crane Hana
Bloodshadow by CraneHana
Bloodshadow Fantasy
The Sleeping Goddess picks Tel to be her champion and spy. It's not mutual. The accidental shapeshifter only wants to find her absent father, and learn to control the more horrible magics that will get her executed...
Singer in Rhunshan by CraneHana
Singer in Rhunshan Fantasy
When Eridan marries a barbarian warrior woman for love, and chooses music over a throne, he doesn't know that a spell keeps his wife Sfassa in human form. After the spell breaks, she returns to her true alien form...
Needle and Sword by CraneHana
Needle and Sword Fantasy
An embroiderer and a warlord team up to help save their city from encroaching war. (Very loosely part of my Moro's Price and Bloodshadow universe, but only loosely.)