Hey there people who are nice enough to visit my page! How are you?

I'm 15 years young as of Sunday 11th November <3<3

I've only just realised how proud I am to be British. Yes, I live in the UK.

I'm Welsh, but don't speak a word of it.

I'm an awkward person, I hate awkward stuff but find myself in awkward situations more often than not.

I'm obsessed with Youtubers, PointlessBlog, JacksGap, Discap,DanIsNotOnFire,AmazingPhil OMGHarrisonWebb,
MarcusButlerTV,OfficialSamPepper, ItsWayPastMyBedTime,Nerimon, DeeFizzy,Cyr, KickThePj CharlieIsSoCoolLike And the rest;)

I'm a massive music lover, I love all types of music, from Nirvana to My Chemical Romance, from My Chem to The Midnight Beast from TMB to The Killers from the Killers to The Kooks from The Kooks to 1D from 1D to Bob Marley and so on and so on. The only music i'm not a massive fan on is rap (I<3 eminem though) screamo (I<3Brokencyde though) and Country (I<3CarrieUnderwood though) So I love most types of music, and the music I don't like..I kinda like

I love guys, I find every guy I see attractive in there own way,which could be considered a good thing or a bad thing.

I love older guys and bad boys, which is indeed a bad thing.

I love guys who are friends to relatives, which, again, is a bad thing.

I'm obsessed with guys, but aren't we all?

I love animals. I'm a llama in secret.

The first book I read on this website was; 'In Love With My Best Friend...Did I Mention He's Gay?' now known as 'Closets Aren't Just For Clothes..'
'The Bad Boy And The Cheerleader'
'Living With The School Jerk'
'Falling In Love With A Hottie'
I love and support them all<3

I'm In Love with Tumblr, 15yearsworthofchange.tumblr.com ...Yes I did just try to promote my Tumblr on Wattpad, shoot me?

Thanks for checkin out my page, if you ever want a chat don't be shy to pop up,write on my wall or inbox me! Would love to hear from you! Peaceskies<3
  • Wales Hunnay! Singing with the Sheep Shaggers;) I'm joking!
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Cooluserx Cooluserx Nov 19, 2012 06:55PM
Chapter 3 of Best Friends Brother is officially upp;D Could do with some chicken now though:/ Well say hello to Claire! what do I mean by that? hmm, read BFB and find out! 
Thanks so much if you che...
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