If your reading this you have stumbled across my profile. 

well hiii.

MY names tahlia im from australia. And i love love love love

cody simpson.

Just everything about him is....

i cant even finsihed my sentence because i dont know what to put at the end of it.

i love my fans eveyr single one!

your all amazing and you keep me writing on here.

reading messages or coments from you guys lightens up my day and plasters a big smile on my face!

I love you all!

and dont be afraid to message me if you want to talk , or have a problem . because i will always be there for my fans! always.

like one direction? so do i its them and cody simpson i have some serious issues -_-
thats an account just for one direction check it out if you wish.

heres a little about me

im a little michevious or maybe a lot. i live and breath for sport its something that i need to have in my life. ( and cody simpson and one direction ofcourse) i have dark brown hair , tanned skin brown eyes and im short, so very short.

find out more about me? talk to me ;)

and everyone should support.

tody ( Tahlia and Cody) great couple name right? hahahaha.

no but seriously Tody all the way,

i write for your enjoyment and i love when i make someones day by uploading or something!

its a feeling i cant describe.

i love you all. xxx
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ComittedToCody ComittedToCody Jul 21, 2014 12:58AM
Alternative ending is done! enjoy xx
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