"It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not." ~ Kurt Cobain
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    Do you want my soicial security number as well?
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    Aug 20, 2011 06:13PM
Choice_Word Choice_Word Feb 04, 2012 08:18PM
@SRae91 You're welcome and I have enjoyed it so far. It's very beautiful :).
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Middle of Somewhere

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Description: Two boys about to have their one year anniversary. Another boy trying to say good bye. A girl in love with someone she can't have. A boy on the edge of a breakdown. These are just a few in the middle of somewh...


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Growing Up

Growing Up

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If you had asked me how I was before any of this had happened, I'd have told you, "I don't know,&qu...

Nothing from Something

Nothing from Something

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This is a story that was pulled from the inner core of my brain. I honestly don't know what it's about...

Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

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A series of free-verse poems about the relationship of two boys.

The Chronicles of What the Heck, This is Stupid!

The Chronicles of What the Heck, This is Stupid!

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This is a collection of stupid stories written by me and the author 1equilibrium. This is just the weird...

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