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Hey sisters,
Its Chames Jarles here and welcome to my profile.

I listen to straights, bis, pans, and basically every possible combination in this world, you just need to be living. I can match my foundation to my skin tone, and i'm hella hot (like my makeup melts down my face, just by the touch of me) and i'm in a relationship with DRAYSON GOLAN.

All you need to do is start with "Hey sister Chames" and say whatever the fuck on my message board.
(Use 'ILoveBts' for 10% extra attention)

Not my dm's because ya know "i'm a celebrity" (jk that joke didn't go well with people) but whatever "i'm famous".

$ Rant to me

$ I accept self promotions too

$ maybe I can give you some holy water(i've stolen it enough to distribute it)

$ just drop by to say hi to this sister

$ or just exist

But lets take our sisterhood all over wattpad. Being the wonderful sister I am, I'll make sure to follow back irrespective of the fact that "i'm a celebrity" (again that's a joke)

This is sister Chames signing out, and ask for anything but my pinkity drinkity, like don't even dare.
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ChamesJarles ChamesJarles Apr 27, 2020 04:50PM
Has anyone watched instant influencer yet? Go watch it you hoes and give this sister some love and support
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