I just finished mafiosa. I'm quite unclear of the ending.
          Why did sofie think of nic?  Was he really watching them?. 


@Karanika18 you see nic wasn't exactly approving of sophie's relationship with luca, and after the yacht murders and luca relinquishing his boss title, nic became the boss of the family. It might be a blood thing, about Luca leaving the family because of their blood oath, or could be Sophie just worried about being back in chicago where Nic rules over the mafia family


omg i literally love you, the book made me fall in love, there was drama butit wasnt problematic, i cried at the end of the book cus of how happy i was, i still get butterflies every time i think about when luca said that he loves her too much, cus this dead calculated boy was in loveee ike aaaaah


My friend had annoyed me for 2 years to make me read this book. I was having my head blown but it was SO WORTH IT! Ms.Doyle, you have written one of the best characters and stories ever and if i could I would shout out to the whole world that there life will be incomplete without reading this piece of art ;)


I am so in love with the 1st book. I’m reading it again this year and I’m so sad that I just found out that there are 2 more books and I won’t be able to read them. Because I can’t find them anywhere in English and the translated version it’s not available in my country. 


@mariaegomesautora you could look them up online


You need so much more success with your books blood for blood. It was such a bless to read them and I'm very thankfully for this and for the pov's here on wattpad. I mean I finished the books yesterday and I'm nearly obsessed with them. Not nearly, I am obsessed with them. Like I don't know what to read after them. Because they were so super amazing. My biggest hope yet is that in the future this trilogy will changed in an movie or in two or three movies. I wish you all the luck and the best. All love.