Welcome to my page! I'm Caseye and enjoy reading and writing otherwise I wouldnt really be on this website would I? Here's some odd and fantastic, kinda, facts about me;

-I'm in love with vampire dairies.
-totally british!
-a lover of superheroes, especially Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as captain America!
-I have a fit man wall in my room, if the mans on that all he is smoking!;)
-I go to regular yoga classes with my mother as its the only way I will do exercise:)

There you are^^^ some wonderful facts about me! So now you've read this feel free to check out my stories, I strongly suggest 'Famous And A Witch' to Harry potter fanfic lovers and 'Hybrid Twin' to vampire diaries fanfic lovers!:)

Love, Caseye x
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Existing Ariolus. (X-Men: First Class) COMPLETED!

Social data: 59.2K reads. 1.2K votes. 145 comments.

Description: (Based on X-Men First Class and a little X-Men Origin's) Amelia Reed, mutant and in hiding. The year is 1962 and not many know about mutants and their true powers, they all mainly keep to themselves and feel...

12 Parts - Completed

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