I'm Casey, I'm fifteen and a comic book loving, feminist, with a love for debating taboo political subjects, who sometimes dabbles in the art of theater! I have dreams of attending Columbia University, living in Greenwich Village and writing for DC comics, or directing/acting in a movie one day. I've been writing since I was ten,  a late start, I also pride myself on critiquing other's work and am very critical, I can't help it. I hold myself to a higher standard then everyone else and this seems to cause people to think I'm the biggest bitch this side of the Nile, I'm not I promise! Uh, I'm a Cancer, I love diet coke and the 1800's, I can't stand the smell of vanilla perfume and I get frequent headaches.
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The Night Crusade of Evelyn St. James

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Description: Evelyn St. James is a strong woman living on Pickery Street in London's famous Victorian Era. She's brash and street smart, and this can only get her into trouble.