☆~Welcome to my chaos~☆
I am an all rounder as I like to call it. Once you have stumbled upon me
I am going to drag you into Fandoms human, whether you like it or not. Ah ah ahh~ Now don't try to leave that's not how it works here, once you have arrived you're bound to stay~

You must be new here aren't ya? Yea, you made a rookie mistake let me show you how to correct that, I know I know I am such a nice ghost. So I'll need you to scroll up and push that very suspicious follow button. Now, you don't need to worry about what that does, no seriously d-don't worry about it uh haha...

You are still not wanting to press that button...tsundere much...what if I tell you, you are not allowed to! Heh, yea what you gonna do now?~

You have read so much already, you must be dying to learn more about me~ ;] jkjk

I shall reveal some of my secrets!!

I am a ghost with a passion for writing! Now don't let yourself get distracted by the fact that I am a ghost which totally is the important part here and not the fact that I am a questionable fanfic author! That is most definitely not the important part!

My personal motto is all is well that is well for me! Jk...unless? Also I don't pay attention. Attention pays me!

My favourite jokes are puns! No, I will not elaborate, now listen to some of these: "To the guy who invented zero, thanks for nothing"
"Don't ever believe an atom, they make up everything." "I heard graveyards are currently very popular, people are just dying to get in there"

Ahaha, AhhhH alright, alright sorry don't execute me, geez...I guess not everyone has such a great sense of humor as me...

Some thoughts:

Might I be Chaotic?

Oh no?! DON'T TELL ME!!! The floor...is made out of floor???

Roses are dead. Violets ain't blue. I might be lying just to confuse you!

I'm not a tsundere!

I'm a self proclaimed ✨️DETECTIVE✨️!!

Negativity begone~
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