*If you are a member of Hybe, have professional standings with BTS, or are Namjoon OR TAE, please look away thanks*

Hi, I really like to write and create stories <3

I try to build worlds and develop characters that you can immerse yourself in, so once you find a story of mine to read, I'll see you there! ;)

A special thank you to the Bangtan Boys for inspiring these stories. I'd like to think that my books are more than 'fanfiction', and one day a story of mine might be found on a shelf~ until then, this is what I enjoy to do, and I'll forever be thankful to the 7 guys who changed my life <3

Translate ✔
Stranded ✔
Ever After ✔
Between Footsteps (in progress)
Cupid's Law (in progress)
BTSXReader Fluff (ON HOLD)
Until Forever (Coming Soon)
Dream Stranger (Future Work)
Give (Future Work)

@Dina-soar and @clucky_chicken are my homies and have amazing stories jfshkwshks and I stan <3

We have a joint account called @DinaCluckRae where we post extra stories we may not want to post on our mains! If you like our works and want more, you can find us there!

Insta: BurkahRae12
Ko-fi (donations): https://ko-fi.com/11b4t72s

Love you guys! Happy reading ;P

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BurkahRae12 BurkahRae12 Nov 20, 2022 03:45PM
we all know Henry is dead.but what of the others?(i'm trying to get back into writing, for those who have been so patient and are still around, sincerely, thank you <3 this is a journey i'm taking...
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... .... .- -.. --- .-- ... by BurkahRae12
... .... .- -.. --- .-- ...
ₕₒw fᵢₜₜᵢₙg ₜₕₐₜ ₜₕₑ ₒₙₗy ₜₕᵢₙg ₗₑfₜ ₜₒ ₑₓᵢₛₜ fₒᵣ, ᵢₛ ₑₙₜₑᵣₜₐᵢₙₘₑₙₜ. R̷̡̩͚͓͎̬͐́͌͆̚͘i̸̮̩͌͒̉̿̈́͘̚n̷̻̳͓̰͎̩̺̮͎̦͝g̴...
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Between Footsteps| p.jm by BurkahRae12
Between Footsteps| p.jm
C@U$€ ØF Đ€@TH: PARK JIMIN &quot;So... I'm here because... I've been killed by someone named Park Jimin?&quot...
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Ever After| k.th ✔ by BurkahRae12
Ever After| k.th ✔
&quot;Once upon a time, I thought our story was over. Unfortunately for me, it was really just the beginning...
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