wAOHH better updte this ive been here for like two years and i aint new here anymore lol

Tory//them//pansexual//15//INTP//a huge dick :)

I enjoy anything you expect i guess:

rick n morty
steven universe
star vs the forces of evil
my little pony
harry potter (its fandom is aLWAYs alive stg)
gravity falls

id love any recommendations!!! :> and oh j E SOoZ that is a lot. well, Im usually super into one at a time so ill just.. paste it here and change it lol but im always up for any of em really!!! >w< (rn its eddworld and rick n morty oml)

artists i love with my soul are:


i love the animation community and am on these sites a lot and if you just wanna drop some memes in my notes comment section or inbox i will l o ve y o u

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChBM5j8-sCFfnB7ipLijK0w

DeviantArt: http://thanksmuffomg.deviantart.com

Tumblr: https://nanibyrd.tumblr.com

so yyyyeAH hopefuly we can talk sometime!! >v< <3
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