Assalamualaikum(peace be upon you). I believe that it's the best greeting ever :)

My name can call me Zonira.

I am a Muslimah and very proud to be one.

The ones I love the most is Allah and His apostle Prophet Mohammad.(peace be upon him)

If you're an Islam hater I'd like to tell you that don't judge Islam and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) based on what he or she or Internet says. Know Islam for what it ACTUALLY is and not from what you hear.

I am a very deep person but you can never get to see that side of me.

I love Cats like totally. They are the cutest creatures,but my mum wouldn't let me have one.

I love eating and my fav food is everything that is tasty.

I used to be very self-obsessed with myself when I was in my preteens I just couldn't stay away from the mirror.

I love eating,running,shopping,fighting,dancing,acting and not to forget reading.

I'm always confused, in EVERYTHING.

I need a lot of reassuring, in EVERYTHING.

I ABSOLUTELY HATE CLEANING or any work related to cleaning.

My mind is full of unsaid things.

My fav quotes:

1) The greatest battle is to fight your own soul,to fight the evil within yourself.
---Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)

2) No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worry can change the future.
---Umar bin Al-Khattab(RA)

3) I will be patient,until even patience in tired of my patience.
---Ali ibn Abu Talib(RA)

4) When I finally fell for you,you left me hanging,you broke my heart and I don't think I will fall again.

5) Never hurt the person who loves you because they can bear it but you cannot bear it if they hurt you.

6) Its always in the end of something we realize that how beautiful was the beginning.
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