Thanks for all the compliments on our trailer for Soul Splitters! Glad you like it.
Unfortunately I haven't got the time or expertise to make one for everyone who wants one :( but there is a club on the forums full of people who will make you one! :)

Hello lovely bookworms. We are Daniel Kassim and Rebecca Lindfield but you can call us BeckyAndDan :)

We love to write and create mystical worlds and stories - please have a gander at Soul Splitters, our first creation. It is about a young girl named Autumn;

*** " 'In death, she had never felt so alive.'
Autumn Iverson was an average 17 years old. Then she was murdered. Finding herself on the mysterious train station to the afterlife she accidentally becomes trapped unable to board the train. Stuck with the emotionally stunted Josh, bubbly Charlotte and others, Autumn discovers life after death. However as she learns more about her murder she becomes determined to find her killer." ***

Some interesting facts about us:
- Daniel is the oldest, that makes him the best. (NO IT DOES NOT!)
- Becky is the young, naive one. (EXCUSE ME!?)
- We both love the TV show Miranda. (It's fabulisimus!)
- We are both doing English for A Level. (Remind me why I took Biology?)
- Becky wants to be a character designer for Pixar when she is older, and Daniel would love to be a author. (His Dad wants him to be a doctor!)
- Soul Splitters was born one Saturday while both Becky and Dan were working together in a shoe shop and they were spitballing ideas.
- Bagels, that is all.
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BeckyAndDan BeckyAndDan 2 years ago
Hey guys! There's a new short story up called LUCID! Please check it out :-)
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