Morning everyone
          	Just thought I'd say hey and remind you all how much I love and appreciate you. I know I've probably driven quite a few of you away from my work with all my stopping and starting over the past few years, but I have noticed a few of you are starting to come back to me, and for that I am eternally grateful - I've missed you :)
          	If I lost you during my Textual Relations melt down, you should come back and check it out - IT'S ACTUALLY COMPLETE! lol. And if I lost you during my Freewheeling tantrum then well..... feel free to come back and read it as I write, or wait a bit and this time I *promise* it'll get completed.
          	That's all, just know that I love you and I hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday (or Monday, or whatever it is where you are). Come say hi some time.


@BecJohnson  Oh , I hope you'll finish "Freewheeling", because your writing is really brilliant.  You have such a gift!


@BecJohnson you're worth the wait. 


@ArabianKnights It really does sadly lol!! I’m really grateful for your support and understanding. Big big love to you ❤️ Bec


Hi Bec! So..I've read Murfey's law way back (probably when you first published it here) and yesterday I was thinking about it and I had an urge to come back here and re-read it... and as soon as I got here I read this message about you saying you're happy for old readers coming back to you and I felt like telling I'm one of those readers... lol.
          Kisses all the way from Brazil :)


Hi Bec, 
          I hope you're ok and that it's just normal life that keeps you away from here. Take your time and we'll be still here when you come back♡


Hey, been missing you. Don’t know what’s kept you away but if it’s the writing, don’t worry bout it, we love your stories! Stay safe and hope you and yours are well. 


I've been thinking a lot about you (and your stories) lately with all the Australia news.  I know this is basically the norm for you (nothing wrong with that - life happens), but I wanted to let you know that we're thinking if you and yours during all this. Hope all is well with you.
          - anxiously awaiting your return. 


Hi Bec! How are you? Been waiting for your updates in freewheeling. I hope youre doing ok and im just gonna wait patiently for your updates here. God bless.