I start k-pop in January 1st.
I found and luv k-pop in 2018:
My 3 year's anniversary of being a k-pop fan.
My k-pop group:
bts twice blackpink itzy
My bias:
Bts: Suga
Twice: Momo
Blackpink: Lisa
Itzy: Chaeryoung
Bts=Army 3 year anniversary!!!
Twice=Once 3 year anniversary!!!
Blackpink=Blink 3 year anniversary!!!
Itzy=Midzy 2 year anniversary!!!
I luv Marvel and DC.
I luv to read lol.
I luv the color blue so much.
I'm a American and Mexican female who is 15 years old lol.
I support the LGBTQ community and Black Lives Matter.
I'm an asexual girl.
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