I should grow up, but I just don't want to :]

Chloe Rose;

14 piercings.
1 tattoo.
1 boyfriend.
1 job.

I'm old. Like a wrinkley nana. I'm married. I'm boring. I work fulltime, have my own house, pay the bills, buy some food, read and write. I'm not 'cool' or 'hot'. I'm me maah fucka. I'm nice, just don't be a cock ^_^

Homophobia disgusts me, don't bother talking to me if you look at homosexuals differently to heterosexuals. There is absolutely no difference, love is love.

My story is like me, raw, brutal and a little crazy. It's life, it's fantasy with real world honesty, that's the scary part.
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    Auckland, New Zealand
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Featured work.

Amalgam Nation [This could possibly shock you, you've been warned.]

Social data: 2.8K reads. 173 votes. 106 comments.

Description: They are the human dream, the stronger inter-species mix. This brutal and raw story follows Arrex, the coyote amalgam and her quest to find a new life.


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List