When i first started reading wattpad stories i was amazed at the incredible stories people published and constantly found myself wondering why some of them haven't been made into actual books because they are just sooooooooooo good.

I can't stop reading them.

Well i guess i should share a little bit about myself and i'm going to come right out and say it.... IM A LESBIAN

That's right suck on that world, i've finally said it, i'm gay.

I've always been in denial about my sexuality, scared mainly, but i'm going to finaly come to terms with it bit by bit untill i can tell the whole world to its face not just over the internet.

Guys are ass's who only think with their lower halves!

Books about the guy getting the girl are so lame, but when you switch out the guy for another girl then you have a work of art {^_^}

I will read a boyxgirl book so long as the plot is good but as soon as the guy becomes an ass then you've lost me for good.
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