Hello again, I know it has been a while… 
          	I often do my best to inform you all about my absences (something that has regrettably been occurring a lot these days), but this time I did not. I apologize for that, and hope to provide some semblance of an explanation in this message. 
          	A little over a month ago, I was kicked out of my home and I have spent the last few weeks packing up and figuring out where I was going to go. I ended up moving in with my dad and only got settled in yesterday morning. Life has been so chaotic and tense, and I haven’t even taken the time to write anything. Honestly, it’s the last thing on my mind right now. 
          	I hope you do not feel as though I have abandoned you or my books, because I promise you I haven’t. It is my hopes that once I finally find some stability in my life (something I feel like I haven’t had since writing Theirs to Claim), that I can go back to creating the characters everybody knows and loves. I understand how frustrating it is having to wait on me and I entirely understand those who have given up on my books all together. But to the ones who have stayed, thank you. I appreciate you. I will do my best to keep you posted ❤️


@Aurelia_2392 bestie im here for you ...if u feel to talk :)


I hope you’re doing ok!


I hope your doing well!!! Take your time okay!?