Name: Ashe
Age: 16 (not for long!)
Gender: F
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A

Personality: Optimistic pessimist who has strange food-I mean mood swings depending on how much sleep she gets, as well as how much food she has eaten in the last 24 hours.

Likes: Anime, good TV shows, trust, music, good books, good fanficton, writing, drawing, family, friends, good food, good health
Dislikes: Liers, lying, bad grammar, lack of imagination, users and/or abusers, stealing, betrayal, bad or disgusting food, bad health

Well, THAT was random... And descriptive... So, yeah, I'm AshtheAmazingMerlin, aka Ash, here on Wattpad, and AshesGleamandGlow over on FFN, and I'm an avid reader/writer of fanficton. I like reading anything with a good, well thought out plot and when I can't find enough stories like that, I enjoy writing my own!

I currently have two fanfics that I actively work on when I can, their names are Defectors of the Leaf and Blind, respectively.

Defectors of the Leaf is a one point divergence AU where one day, the Hokage wakes up and smells the nasty and decides to act. He takes Naruto, and most of the ninja in the village, and they flee, with plans on starting anew. I owe my mom for its creation, for without her, DotL wouldn't exist.

Blind is a Naruto fanfic that was actually inspired by a drawing I drew based on a drawing Alyzia80 drew a while back. The drawing I based Blind on is now being put to good use as the cover.

I also have a few fanfics I'm working on that will not be published until I get farther along in them, so keep an eye out!

Also, take a look at some of teamleobaby's works while you're at it! She is a dear friend of mine and one of the reasons I'm on Wattpad.

NOTICE: Usually, my profile picture can be found in my art book, unless it was done by someone else. In which case, I don't own the picture, I'm just using it.

Thanks for all your support, my friends!

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