Asa vermilion 
Age:16 (he 's 100 years old ,2 years younger than August if that doesn't work)
Looks like the pofile pic but with pitch black hair dark red eyes
Magic : light magic and dark magic ,and black flare dragon slayer
loving,dark,kind,caring,badass,sarcastic,and loyal
Parents :mavis vermillion and zeref dragneel
Hanging out with natsu and grey
Training with his mentor laxaus ,going on missions with as well as being ai part of the thunder clan ,team natsu
Dislikes:every one in his family but his mom mavis and his uncle natsu
Backstory:was born due to mavis and his father trying to have a life togetter
(After mavis was put in the crystal)
But due to his father's downward spiral and the fact that he almost died due to his father's crurse ace was put in the crystal with mavis as he aged slowly
After the battle (natsu vs his father) he popped out of the crystal
Crush: lucy( but juvia ,erza or mira will work)
Guild mark locatiton :right wrist
Guild mark color: dark red
Magic:Fairy law
Fairy glitter
Illusion magic
Black flare dragon slayer magic
Ankhseram black magic
Reqip:( only one amour that Bering his Angel of the fallen amour.
And his spear and Excalibur)

A very Close friend:

See you soon @amacutiepatuie
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