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          	ft. 18+ nsfw concepts 


Hello dear, 
          I will be highly happy and on cloud nine if you would spare your some time and check out my book "Black Rose With Bloody Thorns" which is a mysterious dark romance with lots of twists and turns. 
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Thank you for adding my book Caught In Between 18+ to your reading list. I really hope you enjoy reading it! ♥️
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Hi.. I am a new writer looking for new readers and I have a book which may interest you. Just hoping. It's Mio fiore (on Wattpad) If you like it please vote comment and recommend it to others too. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care and stay blessed.


Hello! Just found out that you added my book "His Possession" in your reading list. Well, thank you so much for that! I hope you like it.
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