always come back here when the past comes back 


@AmeliaGreyson I do❤️ Hope you are doin great Ms Amelia ❤️


@AmeliaGreyson omg, I'm happy that you're back.


@AmeliaGreyson hi missed you, hope everything is okay ❤️ 


@AmeliaGreyson, hey so I just completed your 'nym' series for the umpteenth time. And I'm gonna go and read ur mostttt underrated book 'queen of the damned'. It's just so powerful and enchanting and idk just sooo gud. The way u have completed that book is just sooo flawless because u have given it a justified ending it deserved. So keep doing what u do. Have a grt life ahead:)


Hi Author. I am a staff from an online platform. I left a message on your inbox as I just want to confirm if it was really you who submitted the books in our platform. We approved 5 of your books and we are just worried that it might just be stolen and a fake author submitted it. Please respond to my message once you read this. Thank you