Welcome to Ronnie McDonald's, would you like an Edge McMuffin? For all you CrankthatFrank watchers I'm giving an overall G note warning for my whole account.  I'm Olivia a Demigirl.(I don't feel like defining it just look it up) Use any pronouns as long as they are not masculine like he or him so her and them will do just fine.

I ship: Kellic, Cashby, Brallon (sorry Ryden shippers), Jalex, Andley, Perentes, Ferard things like that.

I am Pansexual and have a very beautiful girlfriend whom I love so much.(she'd probably tell me she's ugly and blush so she's reder then Frank Iero's eye makeup)

I listen to bands like (in no particular order) All Time Low, BVB, BMTH, FOB, FIR, Get Scared, Ghost Town, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, Never Shout Never, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, PTV, SWS, Sounds like harmony, TØP, OM&M, and last but not least The Brobecks. Too much?

That's All btw I have a lot of thing's that get in the way of my writing like spelling and grammar and stuff so sorry if that get's annoying.
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Bail Me Out
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