I have the attention span of a goldfish, but let's try this anyway. 

Sons of Anarchy. The Walking Dead. Dexter. True Blood. Breaking Bad.
Boys are annoying, but I like so damn many-_-
I SUCK at updating on time. Seriously, I'll say "uploaging again in 4 days" or something and you won't get an update until like two months later.
I always get these incredible ideas for stories, but as I go to write, I lose interest or just can't find the right words.
I swear a lot. I'm surprised there hasn't been any in this description yet.
Tumblr is my favirite thing to do when i'm supposed to be doing something else. Woo, procrastination.
Lana Del Rey (Dark Paradise) is playing right now. My taste in music varies. Most of the time, I listen to post-hardcore/metal/rock but sometimes you'll catch me listening to pop.

Well. I'm bored. byeee.
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Description: In her old life, Alina was the shy and quiet type. She stuck to herself, afraid of rejection. But now that she has been sold to the vampire king, she decides to start over. She decides to re-invent herself. No...


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