I am a pro author, with a number of titles from traditional publishers.  But I am also very interested in the growth of online publishing sites like Wattpad, and the way they reduce barriers between writers and readers.
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Description: Sequel to The House of the Wolf.

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A new novel of werewolves, mystery and romance. In the high arctic a white wolf journeys across the tun...

cuddle_teddy posted a message to AlisonBaird
hey there, I read your book the house of the wolf. first I thought its gonna be boring but its really AWESOME. I can't stop reading it.
      so, actually , I was wondering, if I could make a cover for this book. the cover you have now is good, I'm not saying its bad. but can you give me a chance, please.
AlisonBaird commented on THE HOUSE OF THE WOLF - Part 10

Thanks for your messages everyone!  I thought of adding a French glossary at the end but I feared it would disrupt the reading experience because people would always be going to the back to check the word list.  Same thing for footnotes: it just wrecks the flow.
      I never use French in the book for anything that the reader really needs to know.  The French phrases in the book all mean something minor and unimportant like "Sure" or "Right on", or else they are endearments like "ma chere" which means "my dear".  It's just to give the reader a sense that these characters are speaking in another language.