Ok im not a writer im a reader.. but im working on reversing that role.. or balencing it out. i cant spell worth a darn and i always planned on being in the film industry as a horror genre writer/editor. if you like the begining of my first book please let me know. as far as most of you will notice its a little bit crude with the language but thats just for flavor. i hope to really go in depth and get a little bit of a twist to the story.
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AlexAnderMan AlexAnderMan Aug 31, 2012 02:10AM
            i know your a busy guy and all but im starting a book called "Test Subject 61"if u do get a chance id appreciate some feedback. i plan on using one of my future stories for a film script...
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Test Subject 61

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Description: A non-sanctioned lab experment goes horribly wrong. a monster has been let loose on the streets. the scramble to fix a problem that is running loose and terrorizing civilians only grows more chaotic as time pa...