I love the hunger games hg forever!!!!! And my friend says that I'm hyper but I'm not that hyper. And I LOVE TEAL!!!!!!!!! And my school colors are teal, black, silver, and white and school mascot is husky!!!!!!! But October 24th 2012 it was supposed to be bombed at 10:30 but nothing happened. still trying to decide whether its good or not...not in the way you think though, so don't think that way. But anyway don't have any weirdos roaming around my page or I will hurt you.                                              

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Description: I guess you could say her life's not normal. But if you did, it would be a total lie. Cin is short for Cinderella, and everyday they act as if she's a slave from the 1700s. She's the good girl, everywhere. At home, school, and just about any place y...

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Broken Pieces (A Niall Horan FanFic) *ON HOLD TIL' FURTHER NOTICE*

Broken Pieces (A Niall Horan FanFic) *ON HOLD TIL' FURTHER NOTICE*

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(MORE PAGES THAN SAID) This is about a girl who gets a love note from a secret admirer and ends up in cl...

The Secret Rocker and the Pop-star (Niall Horan FanFic)

The Secret Rocker and the Pop-star (Niall Horan FanFic)

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(MORE PAGES THAN SAID) 'Hi, my name is Marissa Eden. I like to be called Mari though. Pronounced Mary wi...

Alex568000 commented on Meeting Ellie - Ch. 5

"Well, her parents aren't the type to take her anywhere. I doubt Dave still has a license. I can't believe your mother stays with that man, after all he's put her through. I even heard a story about...
What even just happened
Alex568000 commented on Chasing Red - 54

What makes you think that's you? Miranda will never approve of you for Caleb. You will never be the right fit for him. You have no class, no breeding."
Okay well even if he does obviously he's not gonna pick you so what's your point
Alex568000 commented on Chasing Red - 54

His family owned and invested in several luxury hotels and real estate in and out of the country. He mentioned that his brother Ben managed their businesses located here in Manitoba and in other prov...
Canada what even