To all readers and writer friends out there, if someone messages you saying your account violated their terms of service and sends a link to dispute your violation, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.
          	It will say your account will be closed if you do not respond and the profile would look like it came from an Ambassador. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Your account will be hacked.
          	My friend @AnselaCorsino was hacked through this way and also countless other writers. Then they use these accounts to message more people. Do not fall victim to this scam.
          	(Returned here for a bit because I almost fell victim. Sharing so no one else gets victimized)


Thank you po sa warning!!❤


Thank you so much for the heads up!


Hi po ate i really love your books especially yung How to be a queen sana po ma update nyo. Willing to wait po ako kahit gaano katagal. Its my favorite among your books ate. I hope maka balik ka on writing soon. You're one of my favorites author's pa naman. Congratulations din po sa wedding nyo. Hoping to see you write again soon 


I am a real big fan of your works, like all of them, they are really great especially king's slave because it your first work that I read. Really thankful to you for sharing these phenomenal stories with us. Thank you so much. And I really hope and wish that you can make a short story of poseidon too because he is also shown to cheat on amphritite, so I really want to know how their story works. Please if you can do it. And I really don't want to be imposing so sorry if it seems like it. Again thanks for your time and stories


Hi po, miss author! I have been waiting for years para i-complete mo po yung “Distance Is Just A Number” . Marami kaming nag-aabang what will happen next huhu. Wherever you are, I hope you’re okay and nandito lang kaming mga reader mo always for you! 


Hey Aerith,
          U probably don't know me but I'm a huge fan of your work, the king's slave in inkitt. It's actually my first e-book to ever read and I've read it like 12 times. I was so inspired by the love of Aiken and Selene that it made me even want to write a story on gods.
          I don't fancy Greek mythology more than the gods in the nine realms series you write. So, before continuing my story, I decided to do a little research on the gods from the nine realms series and a quick question, are the gods Aiken,Selene, Azrael and Argyll your made up fictional characters or an actual myth. I'd like to know because if they are your own imagination, I'd not like to use them but if they are a myth, then maybe I can use them?
          Please reply soon and continue with the nine realms series 


After 4 years, i came to check on Wattpad and you're the first one to come into my mind but sadly hindi kana pala nag update. I'm heartbroken but hoping one day you'll find the courage to write again. You are one of the best , you made my college life colorful! God bless ❤️