So...hybe was seeing us crying for the non-existent hiatus!!!


@SuchitaTripathi same sis same
          	  Itne ghanto tak hybe hame rota dekhta raha


@AadilaKhan6 hybe trolled us in the best way when I saw the live i cried my eyes out and after some our hybe posted that there is no  hiatus and i was like oh Bhai maro mujhe maro nhi yaar ye mazak ho rha hai 


Hey guys, sorry to bother you all but can you guy's tell me a taekook book name ——
           where Taehyung is married to park Bogum , Taehyung best friend does not like Bogum . Jimin always tell Taehyung to divorce his husband . one day Taehyung goes to Bogum company and find him cheating behind him with Bogum ex girlfriend, he left for the office without his husband knowing that he saw him cheating. He call jimin and tell him about this , jimin was so angry at Bogum but he also fill happy that finally he can set up Taehyung with jeon Jungkook who is most powerful CEO and a perfect match for his bestie.
          If any of you know these name of this book please tell me .


@bunnytigerlove dude ig tht was one of the book I read a few hrs ago
            It has cross dressing no?


Hey.. sorry to bother you.. I just wanted to say that I'm writing this story, it's between a mafia boss and an officer. If you're interested, give this a try! I would love to see you in my account! ❤️


does anyone know about a book where jungkook is the king and jimin is his first wife . during the travel he found taehyung injured and he took him to his palace and then he married him . taehyung as a second wife. yoongi and hoseok were jimin's brother who don't like taehyung and tried to molest him at party but jungkook saved him.
          please if anybody know about this book then please tell..


@itzyflexjeontae did you find the book? please do share the name!


I am finding a book where Jungkook is a mafia/CEO and falls in love with Tae. Later he moves to his neighborhood too. Tae's sister is a spy and was investigating Jungkook but got killed by her. Jungkook feared that one day Tae will know the truth so he told his doctor friend to make Tae loose his memories. They later get married and at the end Tae's sister was alive too. I don't exactly remember the plot but i really loved it. Can you help me finding the book? 


Hey! Can someone please recommend me some royalty kingdom based story, which would be top kook. Like king Jungkook and with TAE may be angst.....
          I am finding from many days but did not get any if anyone know please tell me thanks


@TesmiaS the theft is good... It has poor Jungkook and prince Taehyung 


          Does anyone know that story where Jungkook is a rogue wolf who lives in forest and everyone is scared of him and is not allowed to roam around his territory and Taehyung is a son of alpha nearby? (Maybe or he was a son to king i don’t remember ) and he loves nature but one day tae crosses jungkook territory and from there their whole story start??? 
          If anyone knows please let me know i am trying to find this book from a long time 


@Horny_Taekook author:hirumonibsty
            Search the author name you can find it


@paanipaanipaani  can u plzzz send me the link of it  ican't find it


@Alinaayyy11 omg thank you so much!! ❤️