Trying out this writing malarkey one page at a time...
I like sci-fi, young adult fiction and feminist writers, so attempting to incorporate a bit of all of those flavours into my stories.
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Stories by AJ
Even Cowgirls Sing the Blues by AJMcGorgan
Even Cowgirls Sing the Blues Romance
Last updated May 04, 2013
As a Girl by AJMcGorgan
As a Girl Science Fiction
With time travel necessary for the continuation of life on earth, a teenage girl undertakes her first assignment, leaving the comforts of the midwest for the Institute through a closed timelike curve to a musical a...
Last updated Sep 13, 2012
An Encounter by AJMcGorgan
An Encounter Romance
Sal is deep into her assignment in Edwardian England, trying to avoid the one person who can jeopardise not only the mission, but Sal's sense of self.
Last updated Oct 01, 2012
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