Red (Cus I'm ginger)- She/her pronouns-Virgo-Questioning
Mother Hen
A pistanthrophobic ginger here to take your soul... Wait.. You don't have one..
If I need to smack a bitch, tell me.
I accept all Sexualitys, Genders, Races, etc. You all can trust me if you need to vent it out
My info-
-Gay ships are Yay ships
-No class, all sass
-Fabulous trash can.
-I can't spell for my life
-Trombonist with both the normal and bass trombone (both are car payments)
-Bad puns and jokes can be found here
-mind dirtier than the local dump
-smol VA
-Night Owl
-Forever alone
-Super Loud
-My Chem is love, my chem is life
-Super Klutz
-I need mental help
-If you do something to peeve me off, remember I can kill you in more than 20 ways :3

I like-
- Julian Devorak
- Asra
-studio ghibli
-south park
-Horror Movies
-Tim Burton
-Harry Potter (Ravenclaw y'all)
-creepy pasta
-Mystic Messenger
-video games
-American Horror Story
-Rocky Horror
-Welcome to Night Vale
-Captain Guyliner
-Be More Chill
-Rupaul's Drag Race

Hello Darlings! I am here to say hello to everyone. So Hello- Grell
My husband is actually my wife, fuck the system because I'm questioning (Grell ❤️)
I am practly married to @asocialleaf ❤ luv you
No straights In my lobby
She sways in her velvet dress and pulls me towards her in the dark
All Hail the Mighty Glow Cloud All Hail
All Hail Speed O' Sound Sonic's Ass All Hail
Wool Confetti
Good Luck, and don't Fuck it up
I can show you the world... You have $2.59... I can show you my drive way
I am open for Requests for One-shots/short stories and Art.
I will try my best! Pm me or comment of one of my works for it tho
Goodnight, Night Vale, Goodnight
Nothing Bad EVER Happens in this Town ˋ﹏ˊ
Sashay Away
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AFanvergentPhangirl AFanvergentPhangirl Jul 03, 2018 02:55AM
I love how I'm just reading stories on here, supporting the other authors: and for some reason, I can't help but feel like a proud mom. Like, to see people who I relate to....be successful and lovin...
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