I need someone to talk to....- Mason


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Damn girl, fuckin peach. She deserves that. Your an amazing person for standing up for the people that have gotten bullied from her. 


          I will ruin your very existence. I will crush you until you are nothing. Mark my words.  I swear I will make your day to day life a living hell. Mess with me. I don't care. But when you mess with my friends. I will end you. You're nothing. Nothing but a speck in the eye of humanity. You're cancerous. And I hope. And I pray. That a semi truck wipes you off the face of this earth. You think you can get away with that? Oh. You have another thing coming. Get ready you bitch. 


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I just looked at that account and Jesus fucking Christ I feel so disgusted and so violated its not even funny. That book made my heart hurt