sorry the book wasn’t available for a bit, im not sure how that happened. im pretty sure i fixed it now tho! 


@lowkeydols thxxx


Plzz come back we need you back I might write to no one because you might have forgot your password or not care anymore but plzz you don't have to write a chapter just an a/n for us to know what is going on 


Maybe she forgot her password or smth 


I actually really miss you and your writing, are you ok? Its been a really long time since I've seen you or heard from you on here :(


You know the girl that you have as your profile picture. Did she make a cartoon. Because I’ve been seeing her a lot lately. It’s a weird question but I’m just asking.


I used to read your stories all the time but now they are all gone except your new one of tua, love it btw but I miss reading your old books :((