guys my age - gbd by bbyeth
guys my age - gbdby daddy
Sofia Mares is a 15 year old girl who is very mature, all guys her age are immature. She loves older guys, she decides to join a dating website to find her a mature dadd...
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The Sister Of Popular by jaxehh
The Sister Of Popularby Jackie
"Why can't I be popular and have friends?" Levi and Lexi are twins. They are closer than close. They've always stuck together and been best friends. They've...
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#GetHelp by AskAmy
#GetHelpby #AskAmy
Inspired by #AskAmy by @TahliePurvis, the Advice Committee created an account with her permission to replicate as an account on Wattpad. Welcome to #AskAmy...
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Distant by booksiebooksie
Distantby Nepsa Rae
Welcome to Ally to Friendship! A new way to meet other people in your shoes! First, select your age category to get you better suited with people who may carry similar i...
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+16 more (Multimedia Story) by Miz_Gold (Multimedia Story)by Gold Monday-Odin
(A MULTIMEDIA SUICIDE AWARENESS STORY) is a site where people struggling with suicidal thoughts share their thoughts and are advised accordingly. Famil...
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love website by autumnicity
love websiteby 〔tumi / tumiel〕
welcome to love website!
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My Online Crush | ✓ by BlackHeart760
My Online Crush | ✓by Freez
[Highest ranking in Teen Fiction: #284] Kat Andrews, a 17 year old "LOSER", was forced by friends to join a new social network site. When a stranger sends a fr...
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Website(Jikook) by jikooksmut
Website(Jikook)by jikooksmut :P
Where Jungkook is a sweet innocent boy but gets ruined by his curiosity and his friend/crush.
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Wings of Fire: by lightning-skybreaker
Wings of Fire: PyrrhiaChat.comby liighty
Guess who's jumping on the bandwagon and guess who's getting computers? that's right, two people wanted me to write a Wings of Fire Chat which is 2/2 suggestions, which...
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Thought Catalog by Karminxx
Thought Catalogby Karmin
Thought Catalog is an online magazine, its mission is to empower creative people by helping them realize their artistic visions on their own terms. All of the work poste...
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How To Make Money From Your Stories by xCookie17
How To Make Money From Your Storiesby Emmalina
Do you want to make money from your short stories? Well on, it's easy! Read to find out more!
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Because I'm...None Other Than A Hijabi by CottonCandy_Muslimah
Because I'm...None Other Than A Sham❤️ & Froggy❤️
Meet Abia, A 22 year old Hijabi. She lives with her sweet family in Chicago. She's fond of travelling and has great school friends! But..what happens when her sweet old...
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Hair Building Fiber in Pakistan , Lahore , Karachi , Islamabad-03009791333 by etsyteleshop094
Hair Building Fiber in Anum Khan
Hair Building Fiber, Hair Building Fiber In Pakistan, Hair Building Fiber Price In Pakistan, Hair Building Fiber Buy Online In Pakistan, Hair Building Fiber In Website...
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4Chan Research  by TMNTLeo03
4Chan Research by TMNTLeo03
*COMPLETED* Rumors have been going around Wattpad that a group called 4Chan is going to hack Wattpad and other social media sites including Instagram. Well, I've decided...
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Confessions //Harry Styles// by MfourR
Confessions //Harry Styles//by MfourR
"I want someone to see the dark parts of mind,the messy,the scary,the desctructive,and still choose to stay" -Rueda Leba "In a world where everyone is ove...
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Tumblr Quotes by writes-a-lot
Tumblr Quotesby Aubrey
Just some Tumblr quotes! *None of these are mine! Credit to Tumblr!*
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What is StopTruyen? by StopTruyen
What is StopTruyen?by #StopTruyen
More information inside.
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Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi|Web Designing Company Delhi by singhharry1994
Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi| singhharry1994
YouTube Video Optimization: Here's What you wish to grasp Did you recognize that YouTube is currently the world's second largest search engine? It's not simply an area t...
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Anthony X Reader by MyYoutubeChannel
Anthony X Readerby Alexis GonnaKeepSecret
Anthony saw you on a dating website! Will you two live a smoshy life or not a couple at all? Find out by reading the rest of this story! Also this was requested by Nero...
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