• أفضل ما حدث في الجحيم • by taekook_2439
• أفضل ما حدث في الجحيم •by taekook_2439
مقتطفات. ___________________________________________ - كيم تايهيونغ أنا أحبك. - ماذا هل خطفنا!!! - ياااا ماللذي يحدث معنا الآن. - فتيان زهرة الفيترولانا القرمزيه ؟. ...
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"I'll Be Back Later" {Vkook}  by YUMARII
"I'll Be Back Later" {Vkook} by °±Anna±°
You said you'd be back later. I guess later means never.
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BTS...And me?! by SassyAphmauLover
BTS...And me?!by Sarah
... ( Inspired by @Orcagirl2005 💙 )
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Angel Of My Salvation by Hani-DNA
Angel Of My Salvationby Hani
Angel of my SAlvAtion.... فرشته ی نجات من.... ژانر: انگست ، رمنس، خشن ، اکشن ، روانشناسی~ کاپل: ویکوک ، هوسوک، چانیول عضو اکسو نویسنده Hani_DNA تهیونگ پسری که به خاطر ب...
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Play Boys |• Bts fan-fiction by FireFeatherFlame
Play Boys |• Bts fan-fictionby FireFeatherFlame
Where a girl called Jisu 17 years old, who just arrived in Korea, decides to go to a coffee shop before finding here apartment. Little did she know that she was going t...
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"You & Me" JK & RM  "متوقفة مؤقتاً" by Azel2004BTS
"You & Me" JK & RM "متوقفة مؤقتاً"by Azel2004BTS
كل فتاة تحلم بأن تكون عامله بشركه كبيره هه .. لكن فتاة لم تعرف بأن تلتقي بملاك وتعشقه بدون سبب ... ... JK & Elena RM & Non ايلينا وجونغكوك يليقان ببعض ؟ .......
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Что чувствует сталь by _maya_falcon_
Что чувствует стальby Maya Falcon
Однажды человек возомнил себя Богом, имеющим право вершить чужие судьбы. И создал человек существо без чувств и погрешностей - идеальное оружие. Идеальное будущее планет...
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Friend-enemy by Alaina7861
Friend-enemyby BTS_ARMY
Can the person you have death wishes on be the one you need the most?
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All yours YOONMIN  mpreg by courtneygillam200
All yours YOONMIN mpregby courtneygillam
The shy boy meets the confident male Hey hope you like this book sorry if it sucks 😂😂😭
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[Vkook Fanfic]Chào buổi sáng! by KatieRedsworth
[Vkook Fanfic]Chào buổi sáng!by Kết Thy
Kim Taehyung, chào buổi sáng! Kim Taehyung, uống nước này! Kim Taehyung... Em mệt rồi. Chúc anh một buổi sáng tốt lành.
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your lie • • ‣ ᴠᴋᴏᴏᴋ by pinklessons
your lie • • ‣ ᴠᴋᴏᴏᴋby ↝Cherri
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⚊ ❝ the kiss ⠀⠀⠀⠀ wasn't magical. ❞ a tale between the bullied and the bystander. ↦ lowcase intended ↦ smut intended
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بحر الدم ||vkook and Namjin by totti-5068
بحر الدم ||vkook and Namjinby kookie 💕🍪🍪
قصة لمصاص دماء تحمل الكثير من الدماء و المشاهد المرعبه الذي لا يتحمل هذه الاشياء فليخرج القصة تدخلوها و تعرفون ما اريد احرق عليكم يلا استمتعوا
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· : | You're Okay | : ·  by 199_5s
· : | You're Okay | : · by Jibooty
Lee Jiyeon works in an animal shelter as her job is to bring in or rescue any hurt, scared, or even hostile animals into the shelter and see what she can do to help them...
  • jungkook
  • namjoon
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punishment | taekook by bangtanplants
punishment | taekookby oli🕊
a random taekook smut, prepare your bible and holy water because it's intense lmao there will be two parts and i might do more afterwards of different storylines.
  • taekooksmut
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Amnesia🤓|| BTS X Blackpink fan fic by Pa_Yoongi
Amnesia🤓|| BTS X Blackpink fan ficby
Hi readers this is my first time writting a story Description: Paano kung Ang magbestfriend na sina jungkook at taehyung ay magaway dahil lang sa isang babae ...
  • amnesia
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RY'S RECOMMENDATIONS (BTS) by rudejungkook
in which i recommend under appreciated bts books that i think are AMAZING.
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Ok to Ottohkae  by AyeshaTariq6
Ok to Ottohkae by Ayesha
What if you get a chance to live with your favorite kpop band for 5 years??? Would you be able to keep yourself from fangirling in front of them?? 18 years old, har...
  • chanyeol
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Lost my Taehyung by silhyung10
Lost my Taehyungby Silvia Macrì
Un viaggio di due ventitreenni per Seul si rivelerà molto interessante...
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Love can hurt by angelinadorothy
Love can hurtby angelinadorothy
jika kamu yang sudah putus dari mantan kamu kemudian mantanmu ini ingin sekali balikan dengan kamu karena dia menyesal putus dengan kamu tetapi dia selalu menjengkelkan...
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