The New Teacher (Teacher!Markiplier x Reader) by The_Angel_That_Wrote
The New Teacher (Teacher!Markiplie... by The_Angel_That_Wrote Fanfiction
You're a university (college) student when you are told that your normal teacher has left and you are assigned a new one. Being the sassy little shit you are, you get in...
Lorenzo by ArielMcDonald
Lorenzo by Ariel McDonald Werewolf
Preview : "Kinky" he winked " I like it" A blush made its way to my cheek and I ducked my head to hide my face from him. I gasped when I felt a sudd...
Perfect {Idol/Reader X Kpop Idols} by Cherranna
Perfect {Idol/Reader X Kpop Idols} by Cherranna Fanfiction
|COMPLETED| You are a famous idol. You're in a group called ULTIMATE. You're also a solo artist and is known internationally. Your fame, fortune, beauty, and t...
Bullied by Joey Birlem by baddybirlem
Bullied by Joey Birlem by Fanfics 🖤 Fanfiction
"You can't fall in love with your bully" laila said "I'm already in love with him tho" I said as a tear fell down my eye
NCT Imagines by jhopesbabygirl
NCT Imagines by 🌸Babygirl🌸 Fanfiction
NCT-127 NCT-U NCT-Dream requests are open~
Danti and septiplier truth or dare by Septiplierfantrash5
Danti and septiplier truth or dare by Lonley loner Random
ask anything...and yes I mean anything....
Nerdy (BTS FF) by Bexella
Nerdy (BTS FF) by Bexella Teen Fiction
Y/N is a typical girl, she has bright blonde hair and pastel blue eyes. She is quiet and gets good grades. She is what people would describe as a nerd. But this nerd has...
Imagine Us || NCT DREAM  by songaelee
Imagine Us || NCT DREAM by • NaCl • Fanfiction
Let your imagination take over. NCT DREAM scenarios, reactions, etc. Requests are closed for this book, but open for Imagine Us 2~ *None of the gifs are mine, only the w...
NCT Dream Imagines ^^ by heyitszul
NCT Dream Imagines ^^ by NCT IS BAE Fanfiction
Let your imaginations run wild with 7 boys !! ヘ(^_^)ヘ Requests are open ヘ(^_^)ヘ ©Strictly belongs to Me© Anyone who dares to copy and paste will get a taste in the dept...
DayDream Imagines  by -blue_candy-
DayDream Imagines by YanMei Fanfiction
NCT Dream Imagines, scenarios, reactions.......
Marked by the Alpha by zabellerain
Marked by the Alpha by zabellerain Werewolf
"You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you ar...
little boy // got7 by youngbinsgf
little boy // got7 by f Fanfiction
yugyeom didn't realise that when he joined got7 he'd get six loving boyfriends as well (the title makes it sound kinky but I promise it's not, yet) cover by lovelyjunhoe...
attraction. by -existea
attraction. by ✨💦 Fanfiction
what does it feels like to be adopted by a millionaire with 7 kids? Disclaimer! •read at your own risk. •contains cliché moments. •lowercase intended.
GOT7 IMAGINES by akamarks
GOT7 IMAGINES by Ashley Lim Fanfiction
-A compilation of fluffy, sweet sometimes tear-jerking imagines for the seven loves of my life and my reasons for living💕 -7 or nothing 7 or never -Requests are open [D...
NCT DREAM TEXT by -somelove
NCT DREAM TEXT by ˗ˏˋ Nikki ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
in which you receive texts from the members of nct dream. ©2017 -somelove #972 in fanfiction | 7/4/17 #750 in fanfiction | 7/19/17 #705 in fanfiction | 7/20/17 #675 in f...
got7 imagines by Dejuuhh
got7 imagines by 💧 Fanfiction
[interracial included.]
Octavius (WATTYS 2016) by noehen
Octavius (WATTYS 2016) by NOËLLE Werewolf
| ranked #1 | | 4.24.16| | completed | | wattpad featured story 8/17/16 | | winner of a collectors edition WATTY 2016 | "How many times do I have to say this unti...
Mark Tuan Imagines, Texts and Snaps by XxKpopShitxX
Mark Tuan Imagines, Texts and Snaps by S K Y L A R Fanfiction
The biggest Mark Tuan imagine book on wattpad [requests open] started: July 26 2017 ended: --- [ COVER MADE BY MYGKOOK ]
instagram ; nct markhyuck by the7thsensus
instagram ; nct markhyuck by hide Fanfiction
- donghyuck didn't think he'd meet him like that. highest ranking: 082017; #615 in the fanfiction category
Got7 Texts ♫ / 갓세븐 텍스트 ♫ by -exomious-
Got7 Texts ♫ / 갓세븐 텍스트 ♫ by 『H. E. R. ♡』 Fanfiction
A book filled with a bunch of Got7 nonsense ♡ - "You: Oppa JY: Jackson, I told you not to call me oppa ! You: o_o k well I didn't need to know that JY: .. Oh hey Y...