He Is Not Cute At All || ONGOING || #wattys2017 by jungkook_bts_maknae
He Is Not Cute At All || ONGOING |... by Jungkook.bts.maknae Fanfiction
Your childhood friend, Jungkook, was always the cute kid who played with you. You've known each other for 10 years. Then one day he confessed to you suddenly, his cutene...
[WARNING] Don't Fall In Love With Him by Nutellappa
[WARNING] Don't Fall In Love With... by ≈ Tenuk & Typo ≈ Fanfiction
※ A gayboy and an emotional girl ※ ••••• Apa akan terjadi jika seorang gayboy dan seorang gadis emosional bertemu? Dan paling tahinya, apabila mereka terpaksa menjalin...
EK DUJE KE VAASTE - ONCE MORE by selenadanai
EK DUJE KE VAASTE - ONCE MORE by selenadanai Fanfiction
Continuation of EDKV with our character Shravan and Sumo. The story starts begins the morning after Suman's marriage with Aditya is called off and Shravan saves Sumo's l...
produce 101(s2)♡boyfriend imagines by whaehh
produce 101(s2)♡boyfriend imagines by wannable Random
♡♡♡♡♡♡ naya na shall forever live on!!!! boyfriend scenarios on produce 101 s2 members
My Private Tutor |pjm.FF [Completed] #kficsaward by kpopfanficzz
My Private Tutor |pjm.FF [Complete... by kpop fanfic Fanfiction
『My Private Tutor』 "Jimin oppa," you said. "Wae?" he replied. "I like you,"you said. "I love you," he said. He placed his sof...
Bully~Kim Taehyung FF by Debiix3
Bully~Kim Taehyung FF by Debiix3 Fanfiction
|English FF| Why are you like this?! What have i ever done to you?!! Kim Taehyung?! ||The Ideas for the story are all from me|| (I just got inspired by good story's) Ple...
Wild Imagination 😍 by akanshagupta590
Wild Imagination 😍 by AKANKSHA😘 Fanfiction
This FF contain mature content 😍 of shivika do read it at your own risk
Second Chances (Jungkook ff) by my_little_hearteu
Second Chances (Jungkook ff) by My_little_hearteu Fanfiction
Season 2 of My Best Friend's Boyfriend When Y/N return she is someone different and when bts and her old bff meets her they are shocked to see her differently and even...
reply btch | chaelisa by jennieslayin
reply btch | chaelisa by blackpink trash Fanfiction
when a sad fangirl meets too much free time and fake convos/baso crack chats are made. enjoy boiiiii (somewhat English lol). {updates depend on how busy i am but usually...
Avneil : As they fall in love by megha23manoj
Avneil : As they fall in love by megha23manoj Fanfiction
Avni's reality has been exposed to the Khanna fmly as shown in the recent episodes.. Avni has left the house and Neil desperately wants her bak.. Read on...
chanyeol imagine #PCY by joyleen61
chanyeol imagine #PCY by 🌸 joy 🌸 Fanfiction
serpihan curahan hati menjadi pacar park chanyeol [Bagian yg diprivate di beri tanda "-p"] - short imagine- CY ID 290317 #177 in Fanfiction
I'm your Sex Doll [FF IMAGINE NC 21+] by lohtunxyoon
I'm your Sex Doll [FF IMAGINE NC 2... by Ji Yoon Fanfiction
"Aku dijodohkan dengan seorang namja yang mengidap penyakit 'Hipersex' oleh Appa ku."
Texts | Zach Herron by MarshKookie
Texts | Zach Herron by Marsya Kookie Fanfiction
Why Don't We Zach Herron - - The guy you like in school is Zach. The shy, lonely guy. He just texted you for your friend. 》ongoing 》22.6.17 >full summary inside <
TZUYAN'S JOURNAL ✗ by jiminfication
TZUYAN'S JOURNAL ✗ by Tzuyan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Random
my hobbies include eating grass to afford kpop merchandise, and watching seven dorks mess around behind a screen.
Love-hate relationship | RoséKook ff by mbbjjk_
Love-hate relationship | RoséKook... by mbbjjk_ Fanfiction
The two idols Rose and Jungkook accidentally collide into one another but neither leaves a pleasant impression. Fate decides to constantly put them together and before...
Unplanned Liars - Draco x Reader ✓ by ChoJulieSsi
Unplanned Liars - Draco x Reader ✓ by Sunggyu's Biggest Fangirl Fanfiction
Includes both English and Polish versions. Zawiera zarówno angielską, jak i polską wersję. • Y/N Y/L/N is a pure-blood witch from Slytherin who is about to sta...
wifi || j.jeongguk by rosepjm
wifi || j.jeongguk by - Humor
☼ highest: 88 in humor ☼ when asking for the neighbor's wifi is the start of a friendshi...
Don't Wanna Love [Panwink] by Winkerhoon
Don't Wanna Love [Panwink] by Kreiver Fanfiction
"Every time people fall in love with me, something terrible will happen. I've lost everything. I've lost the people that I care, I've lost the people that I love. ...
HER | Chance Sutton by LUEKSTAHP
HER | Chance Sutton by CID Fanfiction
"Have you ever listened to a song and wondered if that's what falling in love feels like?" "I wonder the same thing every time I look at you". 5.16.1...
CURE | wanna one & gg af [CLOSED] by ONGBARASSMENT
CURE | wanna one & gg af [CLOSED] by -ˏˋ dini ˊˎ- Fanfiction
" one, two, three! hi, we are your cure! " ⇗ a group of 11 members. where ymc calls them the sister of wanna one. 0/11 slots open. a wanna one and gg af.