Lawliet X reader one-shots (Death Note) [COMPLETED] by adventuretimefanitc
Lawliet X reader one-shots ( Eyebags
"They call me L, but you can call me tonight..." Various oneshots with L Lawliet, the worlds greatest detective. He's beauty, he's grace, he'll kick Kira in t...
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  • ryuzaki
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Death Note Imagines by adventuretimefanitc
Death Note Imaginesby Eyebags
Just a bunch of Death Note imagines, preferences and one shots involving you and the boys. Enjoy [UNEDITED]
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  • mello
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Even more Lawliet x reader oneshots • Death Note by adventuretimefanitc
Even more Lawliet x reader Eyebags
Yet another oneshot book! I just really love this guy don't I? You know the drill, enjoy! [UN-EDITIED] [BOOK 3/??]
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Death Note x Detective Reader by Moondancer_LunaMoon
Death Note x Detective Readerby Moondancer_LunaMoon
You are one of the world's greatest detectives. Maybe even better than L! You are the famous Z. Nobody knows your name. Nobody knows your story. Nobody knows your face. ...
  • lawlietxreader
  • readerinsert
  • detective
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RECONNECTED // L. Lawliet x Reader ((COMPLETED)) by galaxy_cats
RECONNECTED // L. Lawliet x The Cosmic Kitty
[COMPLETED] It's been almost an entire decade since you ran away from the orphanage, leaving everything, and everyone behind... planning to never look back. Until a fami...
  • lxreader
  • romance
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Near x Reader- Collaboration by theMonarchyOfRoses
Near x Reader- Collaborationby Name Not Cached
A few short years into working with Nate River, Halle realizes that his areas of dependence are in need of more personalized attention, so she hires a girl to be a live...
  • nateriver
  • near
  • deathnote
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Kira [NATE RIVER X READER] by JaegerIttoki909
Kira [NATE RIVER X READER]by Mish R. Jaeger
Working as an FBI agent, (Name) was aware of the Kira Case. Her childhood friends all died because of Kira, thus vowing to avenge their deaths. One childhood friend of h...
  • animexreader
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  • investigation
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Mello X Reader by katsubi1101
Mello X Readerby KaTSuBi
It's a bit self explanatory. In this fic, the main character's name is Kyle. So... this might be really confusing but Kyle is the reader. Kyle is a nickname like Near...
  • readerxl
  • yagami
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Death Note Drabbles & Imagines by theboyishwonder
Death Note Drabbles & Imaginesby pєtítє♡
Just a random book of Drabbles & Imagines. •Death Note Edition• For all your Death Note needs :3 °Cover made by me°
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Death Note: L Lawiet x Reader,  {Hello Old Friend} by MossleafOfEchoclan
Death Note: L Lawiet x Reader, { MossleafOfEchoclan
You live with a crazy father who is Saddly an alcoholic. At the age of 7 you decide to run. You run to Tokyo Japan where someone finds you and sends you to an orphanage...
  • lawiet
  • death
  • kidnapp
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Anime x Reader Oneshots! by ReiIsLonely
Anime x Reader Oneshots!by 🎠Rei - Chan🎠
So most of these will be Death note and Hetalia. Requests are open for the time being. The anime's I will do oneshots for are!~ Hetalia Death Note Black Butler Ouran Hig...
  • xreaderoneshots
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  • ohshcxreader
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Candy Lovers - L x Reader by AnimeSwagfan
Candy Lovers - L x Readerby Garbage
Look, I don't know why, and I don't care to know why. But I love depressing stuff. Again, Fucking sue me. But, Last one was a tad to depressing. So here is a new one! Al...
  • deathnotexreader
  • lxreader
  • lawliet
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Catching A Creepypasta by Kittywriteshorror
Catching A Creepypastaby Kittywriteshorror
L is searching for a raising killer and needs another expert killers help, (Y/n). But (y/n) has a secret, being a killer wasn't the only thing she was named for. As they...
  • deathnotexreader
  • lawlietxreader
  • jeff
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death note x reader oneshots. by get-schwifty
death note x reader minji !
what the title says, basically a series of oneshots from the anime death note. i take requests, so please comment them in any chapter, or slide into my dms and leave it...
  • desunōto
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  • llawliet
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L X reader (HARDCORE LEMON) by Lemon_Catz
L X reader (HARDCORE LEMON)by Lemmy_kitty
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Death Note Boyfriend Scenarios by ReiIsLonely
Death Note Boyfriend Scenariosby 🎠Rei - Chan🎠
This story will only have L and Light for now because I want to make sure I can take on writing about two characters before I add others. +UPDATE I WILL BE ADDING MELLO...
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- FATE - (Mello x Yandere Reader) by SilverStar083
- FATE - (Mello x Yandere Reader)by Random Dweeb
If you don't know, Death Note is my second favorite anime, and Mello is like my favorite character, so I decided "Hey, why not write a creepy fanfic about him, too...
  • fanfiction
  • yandere
  • xreader
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Anime x readers by Nerdycupcake45
Anime x readersby Nerdycupcake45
Okay so this is just a combination of x reader stories with some of my favorite anime boys. Most of this will be fluff and hurt-comfort, so I hope you like it.
  • animexreader
  • melloxreader
  • hurt-comfort
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Death Note x Reader Oneshots, Preferences, Zodiacs and Oneshots by frozencat3030
Death Note x Reader Oneshots, Frozencat3030
Death Note Wammy's boys are the best bois. You won't find Light Imagay x reader in this book, since I hate the guy. Just love the Wammy's boys. They deserve your love...
  • mello
  • beyondbirthday
  • deathnote
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Bloody Roses [L x reader] by Tiny_Star
Bloody Roses [L x reader]by Tiny_Star
Known as the Blood Rose in the illegal gambling field, you use your ability to read people to beat people in gambling. However, you don't ask for plain old money- you...
  • deathnote
  • kira
  • lightyagami
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