✓ KISMET ➳ SEBASTIAN STAN  by jugg3rnauts
❝PAINT ME A WISH ON A VELVET SKY❞ in which the fangirl pukes on the filmstar.
The Fifth Floor ♡ COLIFER by theyshareguyliner
The Fifth Floor ♡ COLIFER by theyshareguyliner Fanfiction
When Jen and Colin meet for the first time, they immediately know that they get along and that they have chemistry. The countless hours on set bring them closer together...
Save me from myself  ( jacksepticeye x Reader ) by BROKEN_IDIOT
Save me from myself ( jackseptice... by IDIOT Fanfiction
Your a 16 year old going through depression and anxiety and also abuse, on your 16th birthday your sister takes you to comic- con and there you find out that your mom...
 My Fake Brother ~ Robbie Amell  by mik-hale-vatore
My Fake Brother ~ Robbie Amell by ♡Kayla♡ Fanfiction
When a new acting camp starts one summer Sage Shaw decides to go. Why not? What she doesn't know is the CW is running the camp all over North America including Canada wh...
LOST IN PARADISE (*) by Mitikiwostky
LOST IN PARADISE (*) by Milady Zafiro Fanfiction
*with Alexander Hogh Andersen Lela takes the day to go to the local ComicCon, planning to get out with just a photo and an autograph. However, destiny shows to have a di...
halfway // g.g. & c.r. by tidalrains
halfway // g.g. & c.r. by hayley !! Fanfiction
what if we were made to be together? you and I forever. //social media x real life//
Gwen's Secret|COMPLETED✔️ by divinemistake
Gwen's Secret|COMPLETED✔️ by D.Mツ Fanfiction
Gwen's secret After Gwen Stacy's death... Or should I say fake death? After that, she protected the one she love, they ones the care about her and wanted the best thing...
MatPat x Reader by the-imperfect
MatPat x Reader by Certified Time Lord Fanfiction
This is a little fanfic about my favorite theorist MatPat! (Matthew Patrick for all you people who have no idea who I'm talking about.) Actually, if you don't know who I...
Instagram ❀ Grant Gustin  by flashtrash
Instagram ❀ Grant Gustin by Hiatus Fanfiction
@grantgust has requested to follow you! A story in which a girl and celebrity meet via Instagram [slow updates... sorry]
They're Coming To Get You by TheWalkingDrunks
They're Coming To Get You by Ruby and Nie-mo Fanfiction
Two girls decide to live their lifelong ambition to drive across the States and visit Comic Con the only problem is the dead start to come to life. A story of survival...
Tear In My Heart by dearimpala
Tear In My Heart by Autumn Fanfiction
Eighteen year old Grace Howell is a huge fan of the CW television series "Supernatural". Especially Castiel, who is portrayed by Misha Collins. She is surprise...
LOST LINE [G.GUSTIN II] by rosesruins
LOST LINE [G.GUSTIN II] by .-a Fanfiction
CONTINUATION TO 'WRONG NUMBER'. What happens when Kara Evans faces her second greatest fear once again?. copyright 2017 | mercyfool
The Life I Never Had by music_ismy_escape
The Life I Never Had by Full Name Fanfiction
For quite a long time I didn't know my dad. Didn't know his name (other then his last), didn't know what he looked like, didn't know his personality, nothing, all I had...
Markiplier x Reader: Sick by markimoo_rules
Markiplier x Reader: Sick by markimoo_rules Fanfiction
Y/n goes to Comic-Con and meets Sean, Mark, and the crew. What happens after is... interesting.
Queens of Geek by jenmariewilde
Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde Teen Fiction
Three friends. Two love stories. One convention. In this geeky romance, three BFFs go to SupaCon in search of fandom, and end up finding love. Charlie likes to stand ou...
Comic Con «Jensen Ackles» by noellejanae
Comic Con «Jensen Ackles» by Noelle Janae Fanfiction
What happens when Tess goes to San Diego Comic Con and meets Jensen Ackles? Will they fall apart or will the distance be to much?
Holiday Season by LayaCandyLoveNaki
Holiday Season by chaoticmurder Fanfiction
One secret. Two girls. A day meant for happiness , joy and love. Who knows what will happen when it's the holiday season
Markiplied (#Wattys2017) by slothafin
Markiplied (#Wattys2017) by E.L.M.S. Fanfiction
[]Markiplier X Reader Fan-fiction[] Imagine you walk into Comic Con, feeling awkward that you aren't wearing a costume, and look completely normal amongst everyone else...
Stuck (MarkiplierXreader) by alderSIN
WELCOME TO YOUTUBE (Homestuck reader insert) by BiscuitB_tch
WELCOME TO YOUTUBE (Homestuck read... by BiscuitB_tch General Fiction
This story is about a girl (reader insert) who has a youtube account, (along with the rest of the trolls/kids because plot convenience amiright?) and basically just has...