Random Pieces Of Writing

Random Pieces Of Writing

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Lily-May By LilyyMayy Updated Nov 17, 2013

She feels unable to speak about her love in front of anyone in fear that she may be labelled as delusional, hopeless or sad. She knows what she feels is love but nobody understands. Seeing his smile makes her heart melt as it does others, but inside she feels as if it is only her affected by him. His eyes shine the clearest of blue and grey like that of a storm by the coast, hers glimmer a dull teal. 

The sight of him with another makes her want to cry for days on end, until no tears are left to cry. She sits and watches him as he climbs the stairs to fame but she seems to always get left behind, the steps too steep for a nobody, such as herself, to climb. He meets many new people every day, each individual putting a beautiful smile upon his face but none of them her.

He lives halfway across the world, too far for someone like her to travel alone and with nobody to go with her, it seems to be an impossible task. Even when he travels to the same country she finds herself unable to com...

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