Candy from a Stranger (Laughing Jack X Jeff the Killer)

Candy from a Stranger (Laughing Jack X Jeff the Killer)

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JashCash By JashCash Updated Oct 15, 2014

Jeff x L.Jack

(Jacks P.O.V)
 Who is that guy in my park? Hmmm....he seems to be kinda cute! Hehehe~ I think I'm going to play a little game with that human kid~

(Jeffs P.O.V)

 Geez. How much I hate this....but.....wait.... there is someone! *turns around and searches* Someones watching me? But who? Where is he(As if you know if it's a girl or a boy-.-)? WHERE IS THAT  CREEP?!? Then I felt something behind me and heard this......beautiful voice........,,*please Imagine the melodie of pop goes the weasel*All around the mulberry bush. The monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought t'was all in fun. 
Pop goes the weasel! Hehehehehe~......who are you little guy? Lost your parents? May I help you?", it said, then suddenly, it was hugging me from behind. ,,No....I didn't ........", I said quietly, blushing a little. Then something(probably a tongue) licked my cheek(if it's not a tongue, what woulkd be else?-.-). I felt my heart skipping one or two beats....,,W-who are you?", I asked blus...

AudreyPuhl AudreyPuhl Mar 08, 2016
Candy from a Stranger is a song to! I'm listening to it right now 😂
Blood_Raine Blood_Raine Mar 10, 2016
Iit be keeten (o think tats how ya spell it) he hates being called Woods still haven't found out why yet
euroblade euroblade Dec 28, 2015
The punctuation was super wrong,it confused me.I liked the plot but everything was wrong...
- - Sep 25, 2015
*hugs tail and ears go down* I don't like this *hisses* btw I'm a neko don't judge!
susheiii susheiii Jun 23, 2015
"Then something(probably a tongue) licked my cheek(if its not a tongue, what else would be else? -.-)"
                              me: Your shitty sarcasm ._.
jessjc3 jessjc3 Jun 14, 2015
why are you using ` when you should be using ' 
                              don't not don`t