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Don't Hate His Daughter (Naruto Fanfic)

Don't Hate His Daughter (Naruto Fanfic)

105K Reads 4.4K Votes 38 Part Story
Kina Uchiha By Kinaru_Sad_Ninja Completed

Yakushi Rin, Orochimaru's daughter and most prized possession, what happens when she's caught by a certain leaf jounin on a mission? Will she ever return to her home? Will she stay in the Konoha? 
Read to find out!
I know description kinda sucks, but please read! It shouldn't disappoint!!

Gaara_Fangirl13 Gaara_Fangirl13 Sep 15, 2016
Yea i have a friend who HATES everything sweet mpstly ice cream
NatChanazoid NatChanazoid Oct 07, 2016
B-but why?! No! That's not fair! I feel bad for the people who can't taste that creamy, sweet, cold goodness! People-who-doesn't-like-ice-cream, YOU EAT THAT CHOCOLATE BAR! YOU NEED SOMETHING, AND YOU'LL AT LEAST GET TASTY, CHOCOLATE-Y GOODNESS CALLED CHOCOLATE!
zeref-ismine zeref-ismine Oct 12, 2016
It doesn't matter to me I mean people have different opinions
BugsyBunnett BugsyBunnett Jul 04, 2016
If you don't like it that means more for the rest of us I am the choji of icecream and I am proud
Newtsalamand3r Newtsalamand3r Nov 21, 2016
I'm still surprised that people hate icecream XD. But aye we all have different tastes.
AvatarLily AvatarLily Nov 18, 2016
When I was 5 I always would eat Ice cream but never finished it. It was only when I was 10 did I relies I didn't like Ice Cream! ;D