Rejected, now I'm a badass

Rejected, now I'm a badass

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twyla By Twyla95 Updated Dec 27, 2017

Brittany Stark has been abused by the whole pack. When she was seven her mom died in a rogue attack. Ever since then her dad has hated her. Her brother hated her. She shifted the first time on her sixteenth birthday. The same day she found her mate, he rejected her.

Devon is the next alpha in line and a player. He pkays with girls hearts , not caring about their feelings. When he finds out Brittany is his mate, he rejects her. 

She runs and stumbles into another packs territory. Four years later, her old pack needs help because of hunters and rogues.

Will she forgive and forget? Will she get revenge? She now the badass that was rejected.

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-oxejin -oxejin Aug 05, 2017
How can you say that BRUH you haven't even seen her wolf 😑😤
itz_ronni itz_ronni Dec 30, 2017
It says the pack hates her because of that but that it? No reason? Or they just wanted a punching bag and shes the replacement
maymayrules maymayrules Jul 06, 2017
Retard u just said she wasn't ur mate then why u rejecting her huh?! Idiot
maria_loves_books maria_loves_books May 11, 2017
BRUH YOU JUST ADMITTED SHE IS YOUR MATE!!! Urge boys these days......
Anime_Queen88 Anime_Queen88 Jul 30, 2016
..if u think ur not her mate then why the rejection speech or whatever ugh people
IWriteSinss IWriteSinss Aug 09, 2016
                              Tony Stark has a daughter?!? 
                              She's a werewolf?!?!?